Month: July 2019

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XR World: Minecraft Earth

  For a few months, we have known that Mojang is working in Minecraft earth, their proposal to compete with Pokemon Go and the...

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How To Create a Blockchain Workbench App – Experiment #101

In our Experiment 101# we have implemented an IoT  device with BlockChain . In this post learn how to create a Blockchain Worbench App....

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Start your own video game with Unity3D and CreatorKits

    Have you ever thought about developing your own videogames?  How much gaming material can you use as an inspiration? How would you...

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How to set up an IoT device in Azure IoT Hub: Experiment #101

Experiment #101 – Discover How to set up an IoT device in Azure IoT Hub For our latest experiment, we presented the idea of...

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Raspberry Pi4 – All of a sudden!

  Suddenly and without many reports of its existence, the new version of the Raspberry Pi has arrived just before the summer season. Most...

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