Month: December 2019

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MediEvil, remember the fear💀

  If MediEvil is a video game that marked you in your youth, we are in luck. Fortesque, our adventure partner in the fight...

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Experiment #103 How to Build a 3D Printed Box to Pack and Run the IoT Project 🚀

1.     Modeling and Printing the 3D Parts The 3D model of the project box was created in SketchUp. Inside the six faces, there are...

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EasyRPC. Be proud of your APIs (Second Part) 🤓🚀

Welcome to the second part of the series dedicated to EasyRPC. In the last post, we set the motivations for a new way to...

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We are going to be in the GDG DevFest in Málaga! 😎👾

Every year, Malaga developers meet at an event where we share and teach all the technologies that we are passionate about and make us...

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Experiment #103 How to Set Up the IoT Device Hardware: Peripherals and Electronics 🔈💡

1.     Gather IoT Device and Peripherals We will use a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to run our IoT project. Also, we need to...

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