Month: February 2020

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New life, new horizons in Animal Crossing ??

  There are many different video games. Action, survival, adventures … but what about the games that help us relax? To enjoy our free...

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Learn to code on your iPhone for FREE ??

Did you know you can learn to code on your iPhone or iPad? You don’t need an expensive laptop or a top of the...

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Our review from Hololens 2 ??

During the 2019 Mobile World Congress, Microsoft shock the whole world with the presentation of the latest Hololens 2. This new model, better at...

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Exploring the Outer Worlds ?⚔

  Who has not plunged into a cryogenic dream and has woken up years later than planned in the midst of an intricate war...

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Grace: The perfect DI IoC container [part 2] ??

GRACE Overview As we already explained in the previous post, Grace is a feature rich dependency injection container. It’s our pick at IdiWork, and...

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