A new home called EVE Online ??

EVE Online is a science fiction video game in which to explore the galaxy, build your fleet, fight other players … and build your economy from all the available resources.

Last week the title has turned 17 years old, and to celebrate it the developers have decided to put the starter pack for free, so that people who are curious about this universe can try it and make it a new home.

Spaceships in EVE Online

But… how is this universe?

EVE Online is a very particular video game, in which time flows in a very different way. It takes great dedication to build your fleets, grow your economy… and not be defeated by your enemies in space.

Because there are all kinds of organizations and alliances. This game is so vast that it accommodates a complex political system created by the players. In fact, it’s difficult for your players to share information with others, because there are active spy networks that thrive in the real world … looking for secrets from other players and gaining an advantage over them.

And when the time comes, the battle comes. The battles in this universe are light shows, in which ships and crews are destroyed, but anything goes as long as you win.


The battle of Bloodbath of B-R5RB lasted 20 hours with the participation of ten of thousands of players and the loss of more than 3,000 ships…

I hope you are prepared.

As the developers say: Make friends. Make trouble. Make history.

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