Idiwork; your gateway to the innovations of tomorrow, today.

We are an innovation lab that aims to bridge the gap between future technologies and the now. We are in constant search and development of cutting-edge tech and want to make it easier for your company to bring your innovative ideas to life. We invite you to collaborate with us in our projects and community.

Idiwork is part of the VeryTI Group, a group of IT companies based in Spain, the UK and the USA which is proof of just how far we have come internationally. Our experienced team develop tailor-made solutions and accompany businesses in their digital transformation process from the definition of the product to its deployment.

We are with you every step of the way.


To bring technologies of the future closer to the present for all companies and the world.


To transform complex concepts into simple applications that facilitate the technological evolution of society and to bring your companies innovation ideas to life.

One team, one vision.



The use & application of new technologies through constant development and sharing.


All those who are passionate about technology & want to make their mark in the technology world.


New technologies & apply our results to the promotion of their constant evolution.


In all aspects of technology & contribute our work to companies internationally.