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Artificial Intelligence applied for anomalies detection – Preparation

Experiment #207 – Discover the Artificial Intelligence applied for anomalies detection Step by step 1 Data preparation In order to be able to detect...

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Experiment #206 Brand Presence - The analysis

Experiment #206 Brand Presence – The analysis

Preparation The sources from which we are going to extract the information are totally heterogeneous, which forces us to carry out a set of...

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Brand Presence step by step 1 Blog

Experiment #206 Brand Presence

Introduction Companies have always struggled to have presence in the sector. Each year, companies invest huge amounts of  money  to appear in strategic locations and to be able to achieve a greater volume...

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Experiment #205 Applied AI: the Information analysis

Experiment #205 Applied Artificial Intelligence – Analysis of the information

Analysis of the information Once we have assembled the architecture and processed the data using the Cognitive Services,the next step is crucial; we must...

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Redit Conquer all the APIs

Refit – Conquer all the APIs

Introduction It is no news that REST APIs are the de facto standard for cross-tier communications between most data-driven applications. Also, there`s a big...

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AI Assembling the system

Experiment #205 Applied Artificial Intelligence – Assembling the system ⚙️?

Services Step by Step 2 As discussed in the previous post, Step by step 1, we will use Microsoft Cognitive Services for image processing:...

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