Author: Lía Radovic

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Intel and Microsoft team up to empower AI on Edge

  Last week, we saw this post from Moe Tanabian, Vice President and General Manager of Azure Edge Devices at Microsoft, on the Microsoft...

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Six Fun Drag & Drop ? Programming Languages To Learn How To Code! ?

Programming is becoming increasingly accessible to the world. Here are the best drag & drop programming languages for anyone who wants to learn to...

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The Cyber Attack Lifecycle ?‍♀?

The Cyber Attack Lifecycle describes the actions taken by an attacker from initial identification and recon to mission complete. This helps us understand and...

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How to deploy a Censorship Resistant Website for FREE ??

Internet censorship is the control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet. I believe in free and open...

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Half Life Alyx ☠?‍♂

Around November 1998, a video game studio launched its first project called Half Life. This game redefined the bases of the “shooter” gender, related...

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What’s WinUI? ??

WinUI (or Windows UI Library) is the provider of official native Windows UI Controls and more interface elements for Windows Apps. It’s an open-source...

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