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Experiment #204 How to assembly the 3D printed parts and servo motors of the robotic arm 🦾🤖

This Experiment is based on the DIY Arduino Robot Arm with Smartphone Control project from How To Mechatronics website. You can get the 3D...

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Death Stranding: a story of death and connection ☠🏹

  When Kojima speaks or writes, the world stops. In the past, his different activities on social networks have had reactions in which they...

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Grace: The perfect DI IoC container [part 1] 💻🤓

GRACE   Dependency Inversion Principle We’re in 2020 and you really need to know a few programming principles if you want to be a...

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Experiment #103 Architectural Diagram 📍

Experiment #103 researches the possibilities of applying Cognitive Services to create an access control system with Internet of Things only managed by Artificial Intelligence...

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Never forget the Fallen Order 🏹🎮

  Imagine being able to travel at the time of the rise of the Galactic Empire. The world you knew has changed a lot,...

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MediEvil, remember the fear💀

  If MediEvil is a video game that marked you in your youth, we are in luck. Fortesque, our adventure partner in the fight...

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