Bolt is now free in Unity3D ?

Bolt, visual scripting in Unity3D

There are more and more tools that allow us to program, create applications and video games without the need for programming knowledge.

For a while now, Unity3D was no different. There was an extension, available in the engine’s AssetStore, called Bolt.

This extension allowed creating video games through what we know as Visual Scripting. This mechanism allows programming through a visual interface, in which code snippets are represented in the form of boxes and are connected to each other to create the desired functionalities.

The price could be prohibitive for some people, but not anymore.

Unity has acquired Bolt to offer it free of charge on all of its plans, including the free plan. So if you want to create video games without knowing how to program through Unity, you have no excuse!

In this video you can learn how to install it in your Unity installation (only that at the time of recording it still had a price to get it):


If this is your first experience creating video games, keep in mind that visual scripting is a more limited tool than writing code.

So you can take the opportunity to learn the video game creation process and learn code, programming, little by little.

Enjoy the experience!

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