Build and defend your city, this is Manor Lords

In autumn 2020, a new adventure awaits us in which to build what are the foundations of a new civilization. Manor Lords is a RTS videogame in development, developed by a single person, letting us to build and defend a medieval city.

Stage with a knight and a castle in the background with the game title, Manor Lords

This is not the first solo-developer videogame that we talk about in idiWork (remember Paralives?), and we love these projects.

The development of a videogame is a project that may involve large teams. Programming, game design, music, user experience, marketing, graphics … all those aspects, by one person? It is complicated, and it is not the ideal situation, but sometimes it happens.

These are the only official images we have to date, in which we can see how to play.

The construction of our cities, unlike many other RTS, is not tile-based, but rather consists of placing the buildings in the most natural way possible, emulating a more realistic scenario. As usual in this genre, it will be available only for PC. I can’t imagine how to control an entire civilization with a console controller, so long live the keyboard and mouse!

Remember, this is a pre-alpha footage!

Harvest, raise your cattle, sell your wares, build (with amazing animations) shelters for your villagers… as the weather changes and different disasters can happen.

Also prepare your armies, you will lead them in massive battles in real time, with all kinds of mechanics to create the best strategy with different types of troops.

As we can read in the description of its Steam page, it is a game that is still marked as early access … so we can see, in the future, many changes regarding its current state.

Feedback from players is welcome and also requested, so we have the opportunity to help this project to be the best it can be. We hope to play very soon!

Happy gaming!

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