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Experiment #205 Applied AI: the Information analysis

Experiment #205 Applied Artificial Intelligence – Analysis of the information

Analysis of the information Once we have assembled the architecture and processed the data using the Cognitive Services,the next step is crucial; we must...

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AI Assembling the system

Experiment #205 Applied Artificial Intelligence – Assembling the system ⚙️🦾

Services As discussed in the previous post, Step by step 1, we will use Microsoft Cognitive Services for image processing:   Within the wide...

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Experiment #205 Step by step 1

Experiment #205 Applied Artificial Intelligence, the real one 🤖📹

Introduction For many people, artificial intelligence is something reserved. And for few, a future that is yet to come. But the reality is different,...

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An Introduction to neural networks

The neural networks are a part of machine learning, inspired in the human brain functioning. One neural network is composed by a group of...

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