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Microsoft buys ZeniMax Media (including Bethesda!)

Do you need good news? Well get ready: because Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media, parent company of, among others, Bethesda. The transaction has cost...

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Bolt is now free in Unity3D ?

There are more and more tools that allow us to program, create applications and video games without the need for programming knowledge. For a...

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is back??‍♀️⚔️

Feeling nostalgic? Do you miss video games from the past that made you dream? Well, everything has a solution with final fantasy crystal chronicles...

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Zombies will be zombies (TLOU2) ??‍♂

The Last of Us 2 is the second part of the story created by Naughty Dog in which the world has succumbed to a...

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Customization, landscape generation and more in Hytale??‍♀️??

It’s been a few months since we last talked about Hytale, but development continues and we continue to receive updates from the development team....

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Build and defend your city, this is Manor Lords

In autumn 2020, a new adventure awaits us in which to build what are the foundations of a new civilization. Manor Lords is a...

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