Category: Internet of Things

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Experiment #103 How to Build a 3D Printed Box to Pack and Run the IoT Project 🚀

1.     Modeling and Printing the 3D Parts The 3D model of the project box was created in SketchUp. Inside the six faces, there are...

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Experiment #103 How to Set Up the IoT Device Hardware: Peripherals and Electronics 🔈💡

1.     Gather IoT Device and Peripherals We will use a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to run our IoT project. Also, we need to...

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Experiment #101 How to create an Azure Function App to record telemetry readings

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Experiment #101 Architectural Diagram

Experiment #101 researches about the possibilities of merging Internet of Things and Blockchain to simulate a real-time monitoring of the environmental conditions in an...

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Experiment #101 How To Create a Blockchain Workbench App

In our Experiment 101# we have implemented an IoT  device with BlockChain . In this post learn how to create a Blockchain Worbench App....

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Experiment #101 How to set up an IoT device in Azure IoT Hub

For our latest experiment, we presented the idea of how the integration of IoT and Blockchain could help to monitor the environmental conditions during...

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