Category: Machine Learning

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Experiment #102 Architectural Diagram 📍

The Experiment #102 researches about the possibilities of applying Cognitive Services and Deep Learning to classify and analyze texts and images from hotel customer...

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Experiment #102 How to use Microsoft Flow to send an email when an event occurs 📧📌

In this new post we are going to show you how to use Microsoft Flow to automatically send an email when a database record...

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Experiment #102 How to Deploy and Integrate Azure Cognitive Services: Computer Vision and Text Analytics 💻📑

1.     Create the Computer Vision Resource Computer Vision is an Azure Cognitive Service that allow us to get information from an image. It analyzes...

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What is a Neural Network? by Alberto Pinedo 🧠💻

Do you remember when in school we had to learn the multiplication tables? From one to ten? Well, that memorization exercise made us with...

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Experiment #102 How to Create an Azure Notebooks Project and Deploy a Summarization Service

In this new post, we will learn step by step how to create an Azure Notebook Project for our Experiment #102 and implement a...

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Introduction to Azure Notebooks applying Cognitive Services with Jupyter

Introduction Within this new post, you will discover the new Azure Notebooks resource that comes to replace the old Databricks Notebooks service. In this...

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