Create cybernetically enhanced web apps with SvelteJS ??

The developer community is always thinking of new and better ways to create applications. For this purpose, SvelteJS was created, a tool to create very fast web applications.

What do I need?

To create your next project with Svelte, you only need to open your terminal and write the following instructions:

npx degit sveltejs/template new-app
cd new-app
npm install
npm run dev

Create a project from the template, get in the directory, install and run! And start coding with flying colors!

How do I start?

New idea, new project… what to do next?

To learn how to use Svelte, the creators prepared a lot of resources. You can access to the examples section on the website, or even an interactive tutorial.

Learn as you write code, to see this powerful in action!

let name = 'idiWork';

<h1>Hello {name}!</h1>

This is the starting point in Svelte, but very soon you will be creating more complex exercises to take advantage of this technology:

SvelteJS tutorial


As they say in the website: is fast, is easy (to learn create), you will write less code, it helps to create reactive code. What are you waiting for?

Who is behind it?

If you check the website, you can see how many people is contributing to the repository.  +32k stars on GitHub and +5000 commits, so we can tell that SvelteJS is alive and ready to be part of your next project!

Stay up to date!

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