Cyberpunk 2077 and The Future


Science fiction decides our future. While we are imaging what is about to happen, other minds are looking forward to make it happen.

A new chance to re imagine the future is getting closer thanks to Cyberpunk 2077, don’t you know it yet?

Based on the namesake play role game (pencil and paper) it finally arrives after so much time with a tittle that tries to touch the sky full of neon shinning and lighting the darkest alleys… it will make us know the next step for humanity: trans humanity.


 Have you ever imagined how would be your body reinvented and reinforce with bionic implants? What would you able to do? How would be the world around you? how much information would you have?


Much of this kind of doubts might be resolved. You will dream with them while discovering the history behind the main characters. A new action universe full of mysteries to discover, paths to follow and skills to master.

Is still short the amount of information that we have from this new game, but it promises to be shocking.

It might even make you think if the places and adventures that the characters live, could be real or are close to our real world; while you are reading this.



Night City, the mythic Cyberpunk city, opens the doors to a dark future, but with the hope of something better, are you ready?


Written by: Elena Guzman part of Idiwork’s team

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