Exploring the Outer Worlds ?⚔


Who has not plunged into a cryogenic dream and has woken up years later than planned in the midst of an intricate war between corporations that put the future of humanity at stake? No one?

Perhaps that experience arouses your curiosity, because it is precisely the story proposed by The Outer Worlds, a universe that puts us in a (near and possible) future where corporations control humanity and also its destiny.

Different factions thirsty for power and that have in their hands that future if they manage to seize that power.



His aesthetic is not very different from other titles that take place in space, but the detail of the scenarios is worth it.

We can also enjoy the creation of our protagonist with a very complete character editor, to feel at home during the hours of adventure in this video game.



And with interplanetary trips, colonies, corporations, power struggles … it’s you. Use your free will to change EVERYTHING.

Developed by Obsidian and published in October last year, it is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. This adventure that puts us once again at the core of cyberpunk and its political connotations has been developed in Unreal Engine, by the team that in the past he created Fallout New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Pillars of Eternity. They have experience creating high-quality games and complete universes.

Have you already visited the Outer Worlds?

Have you fought corporations or joined them in their dark purposes?

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Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.


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