Feel the Flutter! ?

Flutter is a framework created by Google for creating applications … only for mobile? The answer is no!

Flutter, in its simplicity, allows you to create native applications for web, desktop and mobile from a single codebase. Write your applications in Dart, the language created for the platform, and easily start creating your own applications.

Flutter and Dart logos

If you have doubts, you can start the simple examples that we have on their website, where you can test simple applications that run in your browser.

To expand, they have a series of codelabs where you can start creating while learning how Flutter works. Some of these codelabs work with DartPad, a browser development environment in which you can operate without downloading or installing on your computer.

Learn more about Dart in the official documentation.

The Flutter development team has taken care to guide you appropriately if you come from another framework or multiplatform development platform. It has several guides where you can get started if you need to, so you don’t waste time and start programming without fear of knowing how you would do something concrete in this new tool.

You have guides for the following alternatives:

Enjoy developing applications quickly, creating native experiences for users who will enjoy your product and also guarantee the performance of the native platform where it runs.

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