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Around November 1998, a video game studio launched its first project called Half Life. This game redefined the bases of the “shooter” gender, related to the link between the gamer and the narrative. It became popular and iconic inside the gaming community.

Five years later, Valve surprised us again with its sequel, since then until now, 16 years later, Valve will bring us the virtual reality edition to redefine, one more time the “shooter” gender. This new version will be named: Half Life Alyx.


This version wants to do a precedent of how a virtual reality video game should be designed a videogame in virtual reality. Apparently, Valve has everything prepared.

It will provide us three different kinds of movements, something very important since a lot of people feel uncomfortable or get dizzy with this interaction.


Having so many types of movements is an intelligent solution, in this way the user will be able to choose which one adapts better to their needs.  The movements inside virtual reality are an aspect very controversial yet, due to its effects on the user like dizziness, because in some people being in continuous movement our brain gets contradictorily information when feeling that the body is not standing, along with keep in moving.




The immersion is also a crucial factor. In all the game the user will be able to interact, in the promotion videos we can see how Alyx take advantage of each cornet of the scenario for the battles, behind the walls, or opening a car door to cover yourself or defend yourself from attacks.

Another important factor from virtual reality that will be implemented in this game is the physics. Being able to interact with anything and get an answer is fundamental for a perfect immersion. Even if these actions are as silly as grabbing a bottle, throw it and watch how it breaks. Grabbing a work-field helmet place it on your head, those things that enrich the experience.




The waiting for the game is every day less long. Half life Alyx will be launched in virtual reality platforms for PC like Valve Index, HTC Live, Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and Quest, through and Oculus link cable connected to a PC the next March 23rd. At Idiwork we will be giving you more updates with videos.


Written by: Jonathan Rodriguez, part of Idiwork’s team.

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