Idiwork has arrived and we invite you to join us!

We´ve made it! To say that we are proud of what we´ve achieved is an understatement as we have forever imagened working with the latest and most innovative technologies, both through the development of small projects and proof of concept, to better understand what the future of technology can offer us and to share everything with our trusted clients. We want to help you build up your digital DNA which we believe are the fundamental building blocks to innovative success for all businesses.


 So, what is Idiwork and what can we offer you?


Idiwork is an innovation lab that prides itself on being in continous evolution where our main mission is to bring technologies of the future closer to companies like yours, and to embrace and apply the latest developments in tech like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Immersive Realities. We keep ourselves on the front line of innovation and cutting-edge technology development so we´re the first to know what´s happening in the digital world.


Progression and breakthrough technology is our passion and we want anyone who shares our philosophy and ideology to join us and contribute to our community. We are driven by future technologies.


We aim to be the source of all global innovative knowledge and therefore accelerate the progression of all kinds of innovative technological elements in society.


As part of Bravent Group, we have extensive experience across a wide spectrum of  technologies which we can easily adapt to your business needs, backedup by years of industry experience. We are an international company and you can find us in countries from Spain, to the UK, to the USA as we pride ourselves on understanding the specefic cultures and digital behaviour of each of our clients and their respective countries. It´s proof of just how far we´ve come.


The future is already here and we´re a part of it.

Will you join us?

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