MediEvil, remember the fear?


If MediEvil is a video game that marked you in your youth, we are in luck. Fortesque, our adventure partner in the fight against Zarok the sorcerer and his horde of undead, has returned thanks to new technologies and the power of nostalgia.

Our path through the cemetery and other scenarios, full color in the original title, is back to our screens in 4K. The visual change will be great, without hesitation, but the essence of the game, hidden in its details, remains.

The same team in charge of creating the remake, Other Ocean, let us know how it has been part of the development. They revisited the game after so many years, played it again, even see the source code! Those are the elements that can make this project something great.

And it is that by analyzing the code that was written then, talking with the original development team … Another Ocean was able to detect all the dedicated work, the plans that were on the project and the large amount of content that we can find in the title of 1998. We can’t forget the difficulties to bring, for example, the large number of types of enemies: 56 nothing less!

It is a challenge to transfer a game with mechanics, look and feel so characteristic that they have survived for more than 20 years.



But not everything is good with this great news. Like other Sony titles that have had a remake, such as Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot, they have gathered several numbers in the series within the same product, but they did not do so with MediEvil. This has generated some controversy in the gamer community that looks forward to these remakes.

The reason? It is unknown, perhaps because of the large amount of content that had to be improved, the expectations generated, the fear of failing the audience. Who knows? What we can expect is that, if it is as successful as we expect, in the future we can enjoy remakes of the rest of the titles in the series.

This wonderful remake was released on October 25 of this year, have you tried it? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!

Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.


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