Microsoft buys ZeniMax Media (including Bethesda!)

Do you need good news? Well get ready: because Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media, parent company of, among others, Bethesda.

The transaction has cost the Redmond giant about $ 7.5 billion. However, some titles that agreed to exclusivity with Sony before this great news are not included. But time to time, it is still fantastic news.

Microsoft Gaming adquires ZeniMax Media

Do you need to imagine the figure of this incredible purchase? So you should know that it is triple what Microsoft paid to acquire Mojang, the creator of Minecraft.

Microsoft Gaming has been going strong, and it is ready to prove it. Some of the titles and sagas that now belong to Microsoft are:

All these titles will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, both for console and PC. Coupled with the launch of next-gen consoles … what could go wrong in the future of Microsoft Gaming?

We can’t wait to start playing, happy gaming!

Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s Team

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