Microsoft Mixer, streaming your life !


Have you found a videogame that you love and would like to share to the world how good you are playing it? Do you have a creative project where you can show your progress? Would you like to share what you like the most about online videogames?


Well then there is an amazing opportunity to do it with Mixer, the new Microsoft streaming platform for videogames and everything you enjoy creating.


Take a look to the list of videogames that this new community is streaming with really varied categories like Creative, for crafts, painting, videogames development; Web shows, podcasts and videocasts. You will find everything you can imagine!


But… what’s different about Microsoft Mixer compare to the other ones?


To start with, it is a platform with a new growing community, where it would be easy for you to start and make yourself known if you are persistent, hardworking and creative; for sure you will get thousands of visits!


Actually, this is the most important aspect about Microsoft Mixer, the way you can communicate with the community and how this interact with you as content creator. Microsoft has put this as the driven force of Mixer.


Based on level systems. Each user get experience, sparks points and members, that are no other thing than tools to interact with the streamers you follow and with who you would like to create or play. Get points, be part of the live surveys that you are watching and win skills to improve the way you interact with your favorite streamers… all this and more!


Now more than ever, thanks to these platforms, you can get closer to your streamers and content creators.


Are you ready to discover amazing streaming? Enjoy from all the videogames and the tools given by Microsoft Mixer.

Would you like to create content? Choose your game and prepare yourself for many hours as fun as you, co stream with your friends!!


Written by: Elena Guzman part of Idiwork’s team

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