New life, new horizons in Animal Crossing ??


There are many different video games. Action, survival, adventures … but what about the games that help us relax? To enjoy our free time with tranquility?

Nintendo is a company that has a long experience creating casual, relaxing titles that help us disconnect and enjoy quiet experiences. Animal Crossing is one of them, and its new edition “New Horizons” has given much to talk about.



There are many interesting elements of “New Horizons”.

The main difference with other editions is the start of the game. Instead of waking up in a pre-existing town and adapting to the lives of the different characters that already live there, you appear on a desert island where you only have a tent, a bed and a radio from which to listen to music.

That desert island that will be your new home is fully customizable. Modify its extension and terrain until you leave it to your liking. There you will find all the necessary resources to decorate the island and create your own furniture.

And when you’re ready, share your particular paradise with your friends!

You can enjoy the online experience with up to 8 friends. The online experience will turn this game into something to enjoy at new levels.



The community is excited about all the little details that it is discovering. Adorable elements that make this video game something difficult to forget.

You can see all kinds of screenshots and videos on social networks. A more social and beautiful experience than ever.

What would your paradise on an island be like? Would you share it with friends? Tell us about your experience in New Horizons!


Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.


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