Our Madrid Games Week experience ! ??

What a week we had! These days, from October 3 to 6, Madrid Games Week took place. Videogames, tournaments, retro-gaming, mixed reality, indie game development… even lightsaber combats! 

 Alejandro Almeida and Elena Guzmán attended to this huge gaming event, as we announced here. It was a wonderful experience, and we wanted to share it with all of you. 


What happened? 

Saturday was the key date. We arrived at the event to be fascinated with the content that had been exposed. It was amazing to see the number of exhibitors with games to try. 



Alejandro Almeida was ready to show the advantages of using Azure technologies in our mixed reality videogames. There was a lot of people interested in these technologies that can define our future.  

Then Elena Guzmán bring together a group of people interested in game development with Godot Engine, the open-source game engine. Key concepts, the possibilities available, 3D and 2D games, also virtual reality… and a little demo of a rolling ball! It’s important to use tools that make our job easy, and Godot make that possible! 

Then we took a walk to see what other amazing things we could see. 

 A Rainbow Six: Siege competition was taking place. Team Queso versus Movistar Riders, showing all the tactical skills to win the all the assaults. What an amazing and exciting experience! 

In the development area, Elena Guzmán met a lot of indie dev teams. It’s incredible all the talent that is waiting for an opportunity, and the games they are creating, and we could try is proof of that. 


Mixed reality demos too, with conferences about how we can use it and how will it change our life. We are working here, at idiWork, to make this future a reality as soon as possible. 


What can I find more content? 


We took a lot of photos and also videos! 



Did you miss the opportunity to assist to Godot Engine workshop? No problem, check the video we created! 



Time to say goodbye! 


We hope you had a great time in this wonderful event, hope to see you in the next one! 


Were you at Madrid Games Week? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments! 

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