Paralives, reimagine your virtual life ??‍?


Paralives, a new life simulator in development, arrives to get us excited again, making us imagine how our homes, our neighborhoods, pets … and how our lives could be.

This promising and charming project is being built in Unity3D, the well-known video game engine, and by one person! Through its social networks and a community that grows every day, we discover more details that make us wish for its launch.

Alex Massé, creator and solo developer of the project, is spending a lot of time creating a unique experience in his game. Not only the creation of spaces and homes in a great and personalized way. We can also create characters that help us imagine great stories, and with them we can discover an open world universe with more interesting events, sites and NPCs.




As its developer says, construction is not limited to the grid. Build as you want, at the angle you want and the size you need. The limit is in your imagination. With the tools at our disposal you can free your creativity and create great structures … like the one you can see below!




We don’t know anything specific about character development and creation, but that may change in the near future. Will you create virtual copies of yourself? Or maybe your group of friends, to enjoy great parties in this new world?


The project started in September 2018, so it has a year to live! And we can see that the progress is amazing and great, we have many wonders to discover by Alex Massé. We look forward to know the release date, and while we wait you can read their news on Twitter.


Will your characters be happy in Paralives? Surely yes!


Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.

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