Brand Presence thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques

Experiment #206





Companies and brands have always invested in having a presence; either by appearing in certain ads or through influencers on social media.

However, this investment is useless if there is no traceability of where the brand has appeared, for how long, for how many people and, most importantly, what impact and return on investment we have had on our business; as well as answering other crucial questions. 


Providing traceability of our brand presence is a task that involves a lot of effort due to the volume of data processing that it requires. A successful analysis of this data will help to carry out market researches and correlations to know where to invest in future campaigns to maximize our business objectives. The objective of this experiment is to be able to exploit this huge amount of information that is generated from different data sources and its subsequent analysis for decision-making.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and parallel data processing, this is now possible. 



First, we must bring together all the data sources where our brand appears (TV channels, radio, social networks, Twitch, YouTube channels, etc.). Several processes in the Azure cloud will be in charge of carrying it out. Subsequently, thanks to parallel data processing and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence systems from both Cognitive Services and ad-hoc trained neural networks (all this also put into production in Azure), our brand will be able to be identified. In addition to this, the current audience level, as well as other relevant information, will be extracted at all times. Then all this information will be stored in a corporate Data Warehouse after an ETL process that will bring together all the information. Finally, an analysis will be carried out in Power BI to be able to transform all this information into knowledge that can be exploited by the analysts for decision making. 


Obtaining brand presence is a good practice where a large part of capital is invested. Providing traceability and being able to analyze the impact it has is a difficult task if it’s not done with the right tools.  

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques, we offer to bring all this knowledge to analysts in order to answer all their questions, maximize return on investment (ROI), as well as achieve business objectives. 

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