Play Station 5 is near!

After the long wait, Play Station 5 has arrived. Sony’s announcement has not left anyone indifferent, and there are many new features to comment.


The new design of PS 5 that reminds us of the PS2 but in a much more stylized way … and that has sparked controversial opinions. And among the announced titles, we can find both news and remakes of already known ps games.

This is the list so far by now:


What is your favorite game on this list? What other games would you like to see in the future for this console? How long do you think it will take to get GTA 6?

Personally, I really want to try Stray. Playing as a small feline exploring a robot-inhabited cyberpunk mega-city inspired by the lost city of Kowloon… should be a very interesting experience.


Most likely, the release date will be in holiday 2020, but everything can change. We are looking forward to this news. If you want to know more, explore their website and news on Twitter.

See you soon!


Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.

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