Rejoice with UnoPlatform! August 2020 ??

It’s been a few months since our last Rejoince, but there’s a lot of exciting news to share from our favorite development platform for cross-platform applications!

Let’s get into it!

2 years of UnoPlatform

Our favorite platform for creating multiplatform applications is already two years old, completed in June of this year, and we hope to see you celebrate many more years to continue developing applications with you.

Happy b-day, Uno!

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Birthday cake for UnoPlatform

Learn UnoPlatform in Udemy!

As an author, I believe that the spread of knowledge through tutorials, courses and videos is essential to the success of a development platform, as well as the hard work done by the team that creates it.

So creating a first UnoPlatform course on Udemy is the start of a trend that may be key to the popularity of this platform.

We hope you enjoy and learn a lot in this course. Spread the word!

Get the Udemy course ASAP!

UnoPlatform Udemy course cover

Discover Discord and StackOverflow communities!

For a long time, the UnoPlatform community flocked to Gitter to seek advice, wisdom, and help in times of need. But as the community grows, it is necessary to provide a place where everyone can settle comfortably and find the answers they seek in development.

That’s why the development team offers us a space to answer questions on StackOverflow.

And, if you want to meet more people and have a more direct relationship with the community, you can join their newly created Discord server.

Discord servers have become very popular with groups of developers and gamers, and work very similarly to Slack (if you have experience with that software). You can join StackOverflow and Discord communities, there’s room for everybody!

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StackOverflow and Discord logos

From idiWork we are very happy to see how UnoPlatform keeps growing. We will continue to report on these incredible news, but if you want to keep exploring, do not hesitate to read their blog!

See you soon!

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