Rejoice with UnoPlatform! May 2020 ??

UnoPlatform keeps evolving. May has started and we have many news to tell about improvements in the project, which we would love to share with you.

PRISM support

The UnoPlatform team works tirelessly to create something great, and one of its latest victories is the integration of support for the PRISM library.

PRISM is a library that promotes good practices and patterns for XAML-based applications. Implementing PRISM in your UnoPlatform application is incredibly easy, as you can see in the blog.

UWP, WinUI and Uno Platform get Prism support thanks to Uno team OSS Contribution

Custom splash screens

Splash screens are the initial screens that appear when an application starts on our mobile devices, PCs … and now they can be customized in UnoPlatform!

As they say on the blog, it’s an essential part of the user experience, and you can find out how to do it on their blog.

Visual Studio Code support

Visual Studio Code is a comfortable, complete and very popular code editor among developers.

Now, thanks to the effort of .NET and UnoPlatform teams, it is possible to build and debug WebAssembly applications with Uno in Visual Studio Code. Wherever Visual Studio Code is (Linux, Windows or MacOs), UnoPlatform is with you!

Learn how to do it in the UnoPlatform blog

UnoPlatform and Visual Studio Code logos

Backgrounds and/or wallpapers!

Microsoft Teams allows you to customize the backgrounds you display when you enter video calls. People are bringing out their most creative side, and UnoPlatform offers us many backgrounds to use in our video calls.

Don’t use Teams? Then you have great wallpapers!

Get the backgrounds

That is all for now!

Keep an eye on the UnoPlatform blog for more news or our future Rejoice with UnoPlatform to see a compilation of them.

Stay up to date!

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