Return of Age of Empires


Is well known that Age of Empires is one of the kings of the RTS (Real Time strategy) videogames in our collection. Finally, this 2019, is back, but first we should ask, does Age of Empire was really gone?

During the Gamescon 2019, the fanbase received very good news, event thought that the officially launch date was scheduled for October, they announced it for November 14th of this year.

Forgotten Empires is the development studio in charge of this huge project, and if we loved the result of The Forgotten and some other…. We should be expecting good things.



This news are still being a trending topic in social media, and is true that is very promising… so, what should we expect for the launch date?

The visual experience has improved a lot, now we have 4K graphics to enjoy our tournaments, troops and cities. With the possibility of zooming in, we would be able to watch the battles like never before, also, enjoy our conquers with more detail.

We must include the UI improvement and the remake of the music and soundtrack effects!!!

Also, we would get new challenges with a new difficulty: EXTREME. With the AI improvement that our enemies uses when we are playing against the machine, sure we might have to learn new ways to play…. To fall in love again with this title.

About the content, we have new campaigns to master, including new civilizations to explore and dominate!! Bulgarians, Cumans, Lithuanians and Tartars .. which one would you choose? The forgotten Empires teams has shown big ideas to represent civilizations from past times, offering balanced game experiences and more interesting combats.

After so many years of games and experiences in Age of Empires, is inevitable having big ideas of how could we change and improve our games… so what happened if you would like to contribute to this new tittle? Now you are able to do it, and from the official website of the game, surf with different mods, explore the content and find the greatests creators to join and share with. Your ideas count! And your developments have a place in the AoE world.


Leave us your comments with what would you like to include in the game!!!


The best of everything is that we will be writing more about this… Stay tunned for more news about the AoE fourth edition in Idiwork !!!!


While waiting… to the weapons players!


Written by: Elena Guzmán part of Idiwork’s team

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