Start your own video game with Unity3D and CreatorKits



Have you ever thought about developing your own videogames?  How much gaming material can you use as an inspiration? How would you improve the ones you already know with your own ideas?

It might be that these thoughts are in all gamers head, but we all have the same barrier. Where and how should I start? Would it be good enough? What about programming? Would I be able to do it?

All the creative genius behind the videogames remember the overwhelming feeling of how they didn’t know where to start. Moreover, remember us the most important lesson: begin with small projects, but BEGIN!

One of these initiatives, comes from the Unity 3D creators. They offer us what they call “CreatorKits”, where we can find several tools and necessary resources to build our own video games without programming any code.



CreatorKits include three packs: puzzleFPS (first person shooter) for 3D games and RPG for 2D games. Without coding, you would be able to create this kind of projects that will give you the trust you need in yourself to keep discovering, learning and creating.

If you can with this, imagine what will happen if you keep progressing in the video games developing world.

Three amazing projects are waiting for you to start! Don’t miss the chance!


Written by: Elena Guzmán part of Idiwork’s team

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