How to set up an IoT device in Azure IoT Hub: Experiment #101

Experiment #101 – Discover How to set up an IoT device in Azure IoT Hub

For our latest experiment, we presented the idea of how the integration of IoT and Blockchain could help to monitor the environmental conditions during transportation of organs for transplant surgeries. In this post we are going to explain, step by step the configuration procedure of the IoT device (MxChip AZ3166) with Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central to send the telemetric data in real time trough Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus.


Create an Azure IoT Hub

  1. Create an IoT Hub resource.
  2. Select pricing tier and number of units.
  3. Deploy the IoT Hub resource.


Set Up the Azure Cloud Shell

  1. Open Cloud Shell in the Azure Portal.
  2. Create Storage and File resources.



Register the IoT Device

  1. Install IoT Extension.
  2. Register a new IoT device.
  3. Get the Connection String.



Configure Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Connect the device to the computer.
  2. Download and install the Get Started firmware.
  3. Hold down button B and push and release the “Reset” button to reboot.
  4. Connect to the IoT device Wi-Fi.
  5. Set up the IoT connection settings.
  6. Verify the telemetry data sent to Azure.



Create an IoT Central Application

  1. Go to Apps in the Azure IoT Central website.
  2. Create a new IoT Central application.
  3. Select payment plan, sample template and configuration.



Connect DevKit to IoT Central

  1. Create a new real device template in Device Explorer.
  2. Get the Device Connection Credentials.
  3. Download and install the IoT Central firmware from GitHub.
  4. Reset device by holding A and B buttons at the same time.
  5. Connect to the IoT device Wi-Fi and configure credentials.



Create Event Hubs and Service Bus

  1. Create an Azure Event Hubs resource.
  2. Add an Event Hubs entity.
  3. Create an Azure Service Bus resource.
  4. Add a Service Bus Queue entity.



Set up Continuous Data Export

  1. Go to Continuous Data Export in the IoT Central App.
  2. Add a new Azure Event Hubs.
  3. Add a new Azure Service Bus.



Check our latest Youtube video where we show how to sep up an IoT device (MxChip AZ3166) with Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.

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