TemTem: a dream come true ??


Many of us have grown up with the Pokemon universe, either through anime or videogames. And among that group is the Crema Games development team to create TemTem.

TemTem is a videogame in development, in Unity3D, which has been funded in Kickstarter. They have raised half a million dollars for a project that will be available on Steam, XBOX ONE, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. But what is it about?

TemTem is the dream of all Pokemon players come true.



It is an online multiplayer videogame where you can explore a universe full of TemTem, fantastic creatures to live with and collect. With six islands to explore, play with your friends to have epic fighting and enjoy the story mode.

The development team hopes to offer a 50-hour story in addition to the rest of the universe in May 2020. It is an optimistic estimate, but I think we will not mind waiting to enjoy this wonderful universe.

Because it’s all we’ve been waiting for a long time from Nintendo and GameFreak. In the end, creativity makes its way and consolidates itself in these initiatives, such as this Spanish study.



Currently, only the backers of the crowdfunding campaign have access to the game, a closed alpha that is apparently very stable. You can also follow some of their news through social networks and also Reddit.

Something we do know is that it will be a game with a high social component. Play alone or with a friend, the experience will be fun and balanced. In constant communication with the backers, the development team is actively listening to what their community is looking for and wants to experience in this videogame.

I hope to enjoy it soon, are you as excited as I am?

TemTem is approaching, and when it arrives: design your own character, decorate your home, raise and collect all existing TemTem … and enjoy!


Written by: Elena Guzmán, part of Idiwork’s team.

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