The magic of Hytale ⚔️


The world of voxels will never cease to amaze us. And it will continue to be so thanks to Hypixel Studios, the development team behind Hytale, a video game in progress since 2015.

Will it be free? It seems that there will be multiple game modes, how will be the adventure mode? The world, Orbis, will have a great variety of zones with different features to enjoy, how many more zones will be there to discover? How will be the treasures within their dungeons?

Update by update, the blog is showing more and more of the ambitous project, how it will look and how we will play. And we can also see the team’s intention: involve the community as much as they can in the development.

You will play and enjoy all the content in the game, but we cannot forget about all the details showed in the game trailer.



Mini-games, community servers, a lot of scenarios to our adventures with good friends… and live-scripting, powerfull building tools, weather customization, weapon creation, modding and recording tools to improve our game experience.

In the first months since the announcement, the team was showing the game progress to know more about the details. In some of the posts, they showed the tools that they are using to create Hytale, because in the future we will be able to use them too!

Can you imagine that you could modify the content of your favorite games? In that magical world, first we would need the content to be accessible, either through a utility that allows the modding of a game or that the code is open. After that we would need to have the necessary knowledge to create that additional content.

We don’t know if Hypixel Studios will release their code or not, but what they do want  for us  is to have some of the tools they created with.

This team was born as a group of Minecraft modders, and this is key to what they are doing today. They work by creating the game they always dreamed of, and sharing what they do so that everyone can create with them.


It is a game, but in the best scenario it could also be used as a videogame engine. Their methodologies can even inspire other development teams, as they show us in the definition of behavior for NPCs.


And in the most creative moments, part of the team can work in real time simultaneously in the creation of a new creature:



Who knows what other interesting elements we will discover until the big day? It’s hard not to get excited and follow the hard work that the development team is doing.

So, when the big moment comes, we’ll see each other in Orbis!



Written by: Elena Guzmán part of Idiwork’s team.

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