We open a whole new world of opportunities and develop the latest technologies by embracing innovative user experiences with the current three key solutions in the market:


Extended realities have been one of the most cutting-edge technological transformations of recent times. XR experiences are completely adaptable to any business need or integration. They include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Virtual Reality

Consists in the development of a non-real environment generated by 3D elements that allows users complete immersion in a limited experience or in a complete world.

Augmented Reality

We add virtual information to the real environment, enriching the visual experience and improving the quality of communication, creating both immersive and interactive experiences.

Mixed Reality

Virtual information and reality come together, allowing coexistence between the real environment and its added holograms.


This branch of computer science allows us to identify and analyze a massive amount of data more efficently than humans ever could, obtaining the relevant information that will facilitate companies decision making processes, improvement of services and increase of productivity.

Machine Learning

Imagine a system that could learn automatically.
Through massive data review, this technology identifies patterns that can predict future behaviour.

Cognitive Services

Harness the power of AI with Cognitive Services.
Allows the machine to interact more naturally, resembling a human being and allowing the integration of intelligent applications, websites and blogs that recognize the natural expressions & emotions of your users faces.


The most integrated branches of AI.
Capable of carrying out tasks independently. One of the more advanced models is a chatbot, a software so developed that it allows users to maintain a real conversation through natural language, designed specifically for the customer service industry.


Consists in the interconnection of everyday objects to the Internet, to empower and enable intelligent and independent objects, providing a source of quality data for further analysis. Gather first-hand knowledge of user behaviour, offer personalized experiences and optimize your company productivity.

Azure IoT Hub

Collects and analyzes the data of devices in real time and automatically sends preselected information for analysis.

Azure IoT Edge

Locally collects intelligence obtained by AzureIoTHub and analyzes this data to later implement it in IoT device platforms to create stronger and more impressive solutions. Better understand the behaviour patterns of your clients and stay ahead of their needs while embracing information processing as a tool to boost your business.


We integrate blockchain tools within our InternetofThings solutions so that you can access your data in real time by means of notifications. We adapt to mobiles, email or whatever tool you require.


We detect, collaborate and try all the new frameworks in the market to develop new solutions. Our main idea is to investigate, use and experiment with this open source libraries before anyone. The idiwork team will look for their advantages and how can this work or improve the existing ones.

Uno Platform

Uno Platform is a new platform for building native Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML from a single codebase. On iOS and Android, the Uno Platform relies extensively on the Xamarin Native stack. On WebAssembly, the Uno Platform relies directly on the Mono-Wasm runtime. Also, you can take advantage of all that the Visual Studio ecosystem has to offer for testing, deploying, project management, and more.