Uno Platform Conference Recap ?

Last week Uno hosted the first UnoConf in Montreal, Cánada.  This post recaps the announcements, our partnership with them and the most important features you need to know.

The first day conference started with some keynotes about the history of Xamarin and .NET with a roadmap from Microsoft’s vision about it. At the end all the speakers stand out the importance of open source platforms.

Next up the CEO from Uno platform presented their new alignment with Microsoft and presented some of the companies they have been already working with.

They presented us as the first European partner to start working and innovating with Uno. They thanked us for our support, work and contribution to the Spanish developer community.

Here you can see the exact moment:



We are very happy to be part of this new open source development platform. Our team will work hard to contribute and generate news projects. Expect more updates and posts from our team.

Check our first development with Uno in our Git Hub account



These are the key facts about Uno platform your need to know:

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