Uno Platform Conference

We are happy to announce that today will be the most important event for our partner Uno. Today and tomorrow Uno Platform will be presenting in Montreal, Canada their news and exciting advances of this amazing framework. Of course, Idiwork will be part of it!!

UnoConf is the gathering point for the complete Uno community – Engineering team, Code Contributors as well as those wishing to learn more about Uno Platform. It will feature world-renowned speakers and attendees interested in learning about the Uno Platform,WebAssembly, Desktop/WinUI and Mobile cross-platform development.

Don’t miss the chance to watch the event via streaming thru the Uno Platform YouTube channel.




Stay tuned because we will be posting more and more code examples using Uno. Our expert, the amazing Jose Manuel Nieto, will be creating more experiments and showing how to implement this new framework.

Stay up to date!

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