Uno Platform Workshop Recap ??

What happened?

Last Thursday, we had a super interesting workshop featuring Uno Platform. Our experts Paulo Vilà and José Manuel Nieto came to talk about this great framework that is growing vast amounts of hype around the dev community.

It was a cold and rainy day, but the excitement around the event was high and the audience really wanted the show to start. So, after waiting a bit for the last attendees to come (due to the rain), we were ready to get into it.

After a brief introduction by our colleague Lia, Paulo started a very interesting speak about WebAssembly.

WebAssembly a true technology enabler and a key for Uno Platform’s success. One of the reasons why Uno is in the limelight is because it effortlessly loads your application into the browser with no code changes. Paulo gave us all the details on how this is achieved under the hood so the audience could understand all “the magic” inside.

After that, Paulo and José Manuel opened Visual Studio and we started with the workshop itself. They explained all the parts of it and how they interacted. One of the most interesting aspects of the code was the usage of Skia, which José Manuel explained to the audience. People there was quite surprised about the fact that Uno apps run so well between different platforms and that required no modifications at all.

As a bonus track, they demonstrated another showcase application that emulated a classic handheld calculator, running the same code along different platforms.

The topic was so hot and the results so impressive that were a lot questions. What a vibrant audience we had!

We finished the workshop giving away a Raspberry Pi 3 to one of the attendees.

Projects demonstrated:

Simple project

More complex project

If you want to know more about all our projects with Uno click here

Stay tuned for more projects with Uno platform, that we will be developing !!

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