UnoPlatform arrives to macOS ??

Mission? Code once, run everywhere.

How? Reaching all possible platforms.
And the last conquest is MacOs. On May 15, support for macOs was officially announced in preview version, #WinUIEverywhere!

Now that we can run our C # and XAML code anywhere, the UnoPlatform team decided to port the famous Windows Calculator for all platforms … Uno Calculator has arrived!

Uno Calculator in macOs

To create your new UnoPlatform project on macOs, just open a terminal and type the command to create a new one through the templates.

Let’s remember that it is a preview version, so there will be bugs and missing features that are about to be implemented. Thus, all feedback is welcome, don’t be afraid to open your PRs!

The UnoPlatform community is vital for its development, and you can send your contributions and comments to improve this platform.

Stay up to date!

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