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Hey, it’s our day to say you’re welcome … to MAUI!

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Announced at Build 2020, Microsoft’s annual event to expose its news and projects, MAUI is the next generation framework for building native cross-platform apps across mobile and desktop.

Developed on the .NET platform, in constant development and with many known and to be known advantages, MAUI will allow us to create cross-platform applications with XAML, the MVVM pattern and also the MVU pattern.

It is a new opponent in the eternal battle to create the definitive framework for cross-platform applications, although it may start with a certain disadvantage:

At idiWork we have special affection for UnoPlatform, which has not stopped growing since its inception. Also Xamarin.Forms, with a very established developer base that must gradually abandon this technology to move to MAUI or another alternative.

It is a more than interesting scenario for innovation. All parties can draw their best cards to win this game. But while it happens, we can learn more about MAUI thanks to the content that has been published since Build 2020.

Do you want to contribute? You can take a look at the repository located on GitHub to start contributing with your issues or code so that MAUI keeps growing.

Do you want to learn? Don’t miss the video session during the event to see this new platform in action:

So… what MAUI offers to developers?


What do you think about MAUI? Do you think it has a future? Would you like to use it in your professional or personal projects?

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