XR World: Minecraft Earth


For a few months, we have known that Mojang is working in Minecraft earth, their proposal to compete with Pokemon Go and the just launched Harry Potter: Wizard Unite.



Minecraft earth takes the fundamental play from the original game, adapting them to a smartphone.

Thru the GPS localization it takes advantage of the exploration and gathering mechanic, as we must discover structures and coffers with a map based in our city, in order to interact and obtain experience for a level raise, weapons, construction items or mobs.

The most interesting aspect is the compatibility with augmented reality, which will make possible that Minecraft universe could be represented in our reality. Thanks to this we might be able to add friends and collaborate with other constructions in real life. Furthermore, the constructions will be available for sharing with other users.

The Minecraft world is persistent thanks to Microsoft technologies Azure spatial Anchors, we can access to all the creations with the scanning of the area thru a camera. Also, interact in group, as this helps to know the exact locations from other players and being able to place the adventure so they can be part of it.

Thanks to this, Minecraft has become a truly augmented reality game, putting its focused on this experience and not just on the geocaching.

Minecraft earth will be compatible with any smartphone with at least Android 7 or iOS 10, also the users will need a Microsoft account or Xbox Live and be more than 18 years old. Take the opportunity and register now to have the chance of participating in beta close, by registering you will get the Minecraft aspect and Bedrock.


Written by: Jonathan Rodríguez, part of Idiwork’s team

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