Your new empire in Civilization VI ??

Civilization is a 4X strategy game, in which you will have to EXPLORE, EXPAND, EXPLODE, and exterminate your enemies. Since it was created in 1991, its fanbase has continued to grow.

In 2016 the sixth part of this game was launched, and it was a success that we continue to enjoy today. And we will continue to do so, as Epic Games decided to offer it for free for a limited time. Yesterday, May 28, was the last day to get it. We hope you did it!


How to play?

Choose a civilization with unique characteristics and abilities and pursue 4X. District by district, your empire will expand. Each of your districts may have a different function, and it will help you evolve as you develop technologies and make scientific discoveries.

Step by step you will advance in time until you reach the exponential maximum: the conquest of space.

Because civilization is the key to our progress. Through it, in community, we progress and do things that in the past we thought were impossible.

You have 18 civilizations to start playing with, and even more, if you get expansions and DLCs. Each of them has structures and unique units with which to demonstrate that nobody can beat you.

If you want to start playing, don’t hesitate to search for tutorials, guides, and videos. The Internet is full of content, there is a lot of community around this game that you can consume to become an expert!

Get ready for victory!

We are curious to know which is your favorite civilization, your best experiences in the game … and we wish you the best of luck in the development of your civilization!

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